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Committed to bring  the youths around us to form a team that together we can contend for our faith, minister to the hurting youths, and enhance Godly relationships.  A cord of three strands is not easily broken. Ecc. 4:12  

..if we are united as the youth, then we can stand through anything that comes our way. We are committed to learning the uncompromising Word of God, making us a people set apart for Him.  We reach out to youths around the Worcester area, tell them about the Lord, and then they can become a part of God's family.

Weekly meetings take place on Saturdays where the youth get together to share their faith and encourage each other.  Also use their talents and gifts to the glory of God and excercising this gifts will create room before great men.

The youths are involved in activities where they make snacks and do car washes to raise money for their projects.  Thisis also a time to meet new friends as the youth.

Some of the activities that the youths are involved in include: Regular meetings where we share the Word, watch movies and have training sessions.  Retreats, camps and youth conferences, music concerts to inspire and encourage others.  Get involved in drama clubs, dance and artistic expressions that minister to youths are used to share the word and reach out to other youths.  We do summer cookouts and have fun activities in the summer.  Finally for those who want their children to disassociate with the spirit behind Halloween, there is an alternative here at Hosanna where the youth offer a fun night called Halleluiah Night and do alot of fun activities with the kids.



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