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Hosanna Gospel Center Family

120 Stafford Street
Unit N

Worcester, MA  01603


Building An Altar
"As you can see, this place where we meet with you is too small.  Let's go down to the Jordan River, where there are plenty of logs. There we can build a new place for us to meet." 2nd Kings 6:1-2 (NLT).

Where we started...

We have been in the Worcester area since May of 2001.  Our membership started with 7 members and has grown to more than 80 families.  Our needs have increased tremendously.  We are in need of a larger sitting capacity, extra classrooms for children, a kitchen, parent rooms for their young ones and sound and recording space. We also need meeting rooms and a function hall that can be used for  family events/occassions. 

We looked at available options.  Buying existing building and renovating has it's advantages, however, it still limits us in so many ways and we inherit issues associated with an old building.

Where we are...

We have settled on a great task! Building our own sanctuary.  Yes. Through the church leadership, guidance of the board of directors, church committee, church elders and church members, we are undertaking a Building The Altar Project.  The project is in many phases.

How you can help.
1. Join us in praying for the building project. Monday nights 9pm-10pm. Call 319-527-2343 (no pin)
2. Give toward the building project. 


Keep tuned in to get more updates!  Thank you for all your prayers and support. May God bless you.
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