120 Stafford St.Unit N.

Worcester, MA 01603

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Hosanna Gospel Center Family

120 Stafford Street
Unit N

Worcester, MA  01603


Hosanna Gospel Center Family
Welcome to the Hosanna Gospel Center Family. A great place to meet new friends,  find  needed  encouragement  and discover God's plan for you.

Upcoming events...

Christmas  and New Year's Services.
December 25th - We will have a morning service from 10:30am.

January 1st -  Join  us for a morning service from 10:30am.

Building An Altar 
Click here to learn about our new building project.

Who we are:
We are a church that is focused on sharing the word of God uncompromisingly, teaching all truth to all and challenging all to act on the Word of God.

8:30 am  - Prayers
9:30 am -   Bible Study
10.30 am - Regular Service
12.00pm -  Children's Ministry

6:00 PM -  Midweek  Fellowship 

6:00 pm - Prayers

"Bringing Hope and Healing to This Generation."

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